All students start with Reiki 1.  If the decide they would like to enroll in a structured program after attending this class, or, they have taken training by another teacher, they can do so by setting up an advisory session with Eileen here.

All classes are being offered via Zoom until 2021.

The Reiki Training Program and it's alumni The Reiki Fellowship is proud to have have graduated hundreds of Reiki practitioners and teachers since it's inception and provide outreach to the greater Seattle community and to Evergreen Hospice of Kirkland.

Some graduates go on to integrate Reiki into their existing healing or counseling practice: 

"I wanted to thank you for your assistance during our last consultation about integrating Reiki into my therapy practice. I added Reiki to my new disclosure form and began just this week. It’s gone beautifully and the results for my clients who have had a lot of trauma are stunning. They experienced significant relief after only thirty minutes and I am of the belief that Reiki did what couldn’t be accomplished solely by yak therapy. These are clients I’ve had for years. Also, it grounded me so well that I didn’t feel as tired by the end of the workday even though it was a long day. I get more productive and was able to come home without having more admin stuff to do because I was able to get it done during regular work hours. I’m attaching a photos of my new group practice waiting room and my combo therapy/reiki office. I’m very thankful for your presence and training!"-M. Sprague, Seattle

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