Reiki Book & Guided Meditations by Eileen Dey Wurst

"Wow!!!!!!!!!! I got the Permission to Recieve cd and listened to it 2 times in row it was so powerful and awsome. Thank you, the CD is priceless I am so glad I bought it! I felt full immersion in reiki energy during the CD treatments. During the cosmic reiki I felt something extra happening espcially when you get to the part where you talk about crossing over to where the higher self, guides, angels and sages are!!!! Wow, I kept getting all these images seemed like I was doing alot of remote veiwing during the whole cosmic reiki. I have had out of body experiences before and I kept feeling like I was really going to go out of my body right during the session. Also when you talk about expanding the aura I literally felt my aura expanding!"-Joshua, San Diego

"I am so grateful for the 4 Alchemical Attributes e cd it is absolutely Great and I thank you so much you are very generous always may you be rewarded accordingly"-Katia, Scottsdale


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